Gonzalo Papantonakis

i blogged about him last year- love his large scale works and his use of text .. Papantonakis is currently exhibiting at gallerynine5 in New York City, if your around take a peek the show ends Dec 5th.


“Sonata,” 96″ x 64″, Mixed media on 2 canvases



“Poppy Fields,” 50″ x 84″, Acrylic, oil and paper on canvas



“Blowin Grass,” 54″ x 46″, Mixed media on canvas




one of the better results of the projections..


(via kindovermatter.blogspot.com)

sometimes, when i write in spanish into my paintings i feel like they could be poems. but i dont know much about poetry or would consider myself a poet so i hide them in the layers (i think its really admirable when writers & poets can share their inner thoughts) .. i’ve recently become very interested in reading more poetry, id love to see how i can integrate it into my work. a comfortable place for me to start are the poems of Rumi & Hafez (both persian poets)

Abelardo Morell

Morell is a photographer, born in Cuba, he now resides in the States. I love his recent work with projections, his are a little different because he works with interiors. I think his photographs are brilliant.

pretty zebra.

weekly post.

i spent a lot of this week working on the exhibition. I decided to change the image I was going to project so I reworked a piece that I had put aside for a while.. the images of the progression are below.  I set up the projector inside the gallery projecting onto the courtyard wall through the window, unfortunately the window reflected a lot of the light and the projection became very faint, I also couldnt leave the computer alone for too long because the screen saver would come on, I also had to be in the building when the projector was on and turn it off when i left because i didn’t want the bulb to burn out. so its all a learning process of limits and obstacles.  Ive been scouting buildings to project on in the city, the surfaces range from the business school on east university to brick walls on side streets with no title… between thanksgiving and our december review I have two weeks, I hope to have one test and one final ‘event’ projection. In terms of images Im reworking my process, by combing my digital collages with my hand/writing/painting.. 






could i get any cheesier?