there have been a lot of comments on the relationship between the handwritten words and the free brushstrokes in the last few paintings. to answer some of the questions that were raised i tried to make a list of different ways to go about the painting process, to hopefully find some answers and/or new ways of working that would seem more cohesive. the list included scribbling the words/thoughts, writing with paint, painting two surfaces at the same time, painting with my eyes closed and painting with the palette knife. the answers i got were that building form was important to the success of the paintings, the layers added a lot of depth that has been missing in some. the splatters that happen with the palette knife can look too Jackson Pollock but they add great texture in layers. here are some visuals on what Ive been working on this week..


One response to “wee

  1. Chelsea,
    I’m excited to see how much work you are making! I think you are on the right track with what you are wanting, just need to build it up and experiment more. You process if very spontaneous, yet many parts of what you are doing (color choice, writing, making straight lines, choosing what method to apply the paint, etc) are very intentional and calculated. I am wondering if you recognize when you get to the point where you let your intentional actions take control of the drawing. You work fluidly, yet also give yourself rules, such as trying to paint with your eyes closed, working on 2 paintings at once, etc. If you are interested in this notion of chance, I would encourage you to push that even further. It’s looking good!

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