friday post.

over break i did a big painting of a landscape (4×6′)

(it was just for fun, but i thought id put it up)

i am very excited to start this semester. Im looking for a building/wall in town to make a collage for and hopefully project in  the next 2 weeks. the questions i have to ask are who is my audience? and where, what context are they in? .. i think its going to be difficult but well see how it goes.. hopefully ill have chosen and taken pictures of the buildings by the end of the weekend so i can start making spaces on monday


5 responses to “friday post.

  1. Chelsea,
    You might want to talk with folks post-choosing a building and pre-making a collage. Just free associate a bit on who walks by that space most? when? in what frame of mind?
    It might be interesting to see what happens with a more intentional starting point.

  2. Hey Chelsea,

    Check out Jose Parla. He creates paintings using text, writing about his memories, feelings, stories, etc. I think you’d dig him. Here’s a link:


  3. Chelsea! How are you?!! This is great, btw! I’d like you to paint something for my new apartment in Brooklyn (it’s bare!). Also, let me know if you’d like to change your header image (you have to alter a couple lines of code).

  4. Chelsea,
    A lot has happened for you in these past 2 weeks. Where are the updates? Don’t forget to keep your thoughts in a place where you can go back to them!

  5. Chelsea,
    I don’t see posts for the last couple weeks….I’m guessing lots has been happening and I’m curious about your current direction…

    Let’s try and check in this week– I want to come by the studio. Perhaps on Thursday?


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