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We had mock presentations this week for the December Review that I have on Tuesday morning.  I think it went well.  Everyones presentations were insightful as to where they were with their project, what led them there and what struggles they came across.  I thought the entire process of putting together a presentation of my work was important, especially because I felt that my beginning/the start of my exploration was almost two years ago.  Looking back at the questions I was asking and the issues that I was interested in, gave me a moment to pause and reflect on which issues I left behind in the process and which topics continue as a theme and area of study/exploration. During the preparation for this presentation I realized that artists I admired and artwork I made, that I thought were irrelevant, were very connected and of a continual trajectory that I hope to pursue. I received great feedback from the group, particularly the need to better convey all the thoughts that I have stirring in my mind. I need to find a way to not be overwhelmed with these large ideas of dimension, reality, consciousness and space and attempt to inform the panel with the key facts and better examples. I hope the tweaking that I’ve done to the presentation since the first one will make a difference in the clarity of my projects and the interests I have that drive it .


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