weekly post.

i spent a lot of this week working on the exhibition. I decided to change the image I was going to project so I reworked a piece that I had put aside for a while.. the images of the progression are below.  I set up the projector inside the gallery projecting onto the courtyard wall through the window, unfortunately the window reflected a lot of the light and the projection became very faint, I also couldnt leave the computer alone for too long because the screen saver would come on, I also had to be in the building when the projector was on and turn it off when i left because i didn’t want the bulb to burn out. so its all a learning process of limits and obstacles.  Ive been scouting buildings to project on in the city, the surfaces range from the business school on east university to brick walls on side streets with no title… between thanksgiving and our december review I have two weeks, I hope to have one test and one final ‘event’ projection. In terms of images Im reworking my process, by combing my digital collages with my hand/writing/painting.. 



One response to “weekly post.

  1. Chelsea,

    Sounds like a good learning week: you’d made some good progress on the technical side of things — and now come face to face with reality. Better now than later. As you seem to have understood, none of it is insurmountable.

    I am interested in where the images may end up once you’ve combined digital imagery with handmade aspects. You might also benefit from more rigorous reflection on what it is you hope these images will ultimately say. Take a look at the images you’ve created thus far. Which are you happiest with? Why? What kind of messages do they send? [ Are the images in your other posts (alien landscape, pretty zebra) your images?]


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