fridays post

Im sorry its late there was a trip to Dallas, Texas on Friday putting everything on hold. 

I’ve been in touch with Mark Covington at the Georgia Street Community Collective to have a workshop with the kids in his neighborhood (eastern detroit) creating their own collages and allowing them to re-imagine their spaces in hopes of one day realizing their own dreams.  I just received word that our workshop will be held a different day because they have a coat drive the same day … 

A “Friend of Georgia Street” by the name of Tom dropped off bags and bags full of winter coats. Tom, his wife, family and friends, gathered 48 coats, sizes 2T to 14-16 (along with a couple pairs of snow pants) to give to children who do not have a good coat for this winter..Thanks to his generosity, we have decided to hold a 
“Keep the Kids Warm this Winter” 
event in conjunction with our 2nd Annual Craft Day. We already have a few pairs of gloves, hats and scarves to add to the coats. 
But we are asking for additional donations of new or gently-used coats, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves or boots to add to the collection we have.We will give these away on November 21st following the Craft Day.


Looks like everyone wants to help! 🙂 


Last weeks meeting with Tom was great, he was very supportive of my project. The technical aspects that seemed impossible to achieve have started to come within reach. There is still work to be done on that front but things are looking good. 
I’ve spent time doing some test projections on buildings, and making more collages that are looking like I need some new inspirations (im not really happy with what is happening..). turning in the grant application last week felt very good, it was nice to get that practice and get it out of the way. and speaking of getting it out of the way, the ‘tree car’ will be removed from the courtyard by the end of the week! in time for the all student exhibition – where I will be projecting my piece! unfortunately my piece will most likely only be seen at night…. i think its important this week to continue to scout buildings and make some decisions of which walls i will be projecting on and get some more tests going.. Im planning on having an ‘event’ or true projection by mid december. 





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