fridays post

im sorry its late..

This week I decided that the photo collages werent enough for me so i began photo transferring them onto woodblocks with the intent of painting and writing back into them- they have yet to be a success. I’ve been researching with projection, this weekend Im using an hp vp6220 to test on large walls outdoors -this projector isn’t strong enough. I had a meeting with Cynthia Pachikara discussing possibilities and opportunities to find stronger projectors or the funding for one. for further research i will be attending her class critiques on moving images on buildings with the architecture school.  Im sure my meeting on Tuesday with Tom Bray will also help find ways to project at a large scale. 

Ive found that this is all a very exciting and to just trust the process – I’ve been in contact with Mark Covington to organize a workshop with the kids on Georgia Street to re-imagine their space (their homes, neighborhoods & realities) through art. never know whats going to come next.

I think its important that this week im testing these images on a large scale to see if they can hold such a scale. just keep making and researching… and finish my grant proposal!


One response to “fridays post

  1. Chelsea,

    I am glad that you started actually projecting onto the building. It seems that some of the images are projecting crisply while others are blurry, or is that just the photo? The brick background of the wall comes out as a reall rich texture in some of your projections; I would love to see you play with that and respond to the space with your paintings.

    I hope the workshop with Mark Covington works out, that would be a great opportunity for you. It is important that you address the space on which you intend to project. In choosing your buildings, you should be diligent in investigating the space. What is the building for? Who uses it? Who lives around there? etc. Your choices could have significant influences over what sort of images you choose to project.


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