fridays post

this week I spent most of my time researching projectors and the technicalities that are going to go into the large scale projections, I spoke with photo Joe who said that the projectors that are available through the university are not powerful enough to project onto buildings, and that the ones that might be powerful enough run at about $10,000! so I’ve scheduled some meetings to explore other possibilities of getting around that cost. i’ve found that its not going to be an easy task, and will require lots of research.

this week I also explored the possibilities of photo-transfer and plan on exploring that more. Hannah asked if all the images Im using are my own, yes they are. they are all photographs I have taken over the years. in terms of some being more successful than others, im not sure, i dont think any of them are quite finished yet. I plan on developing them more, going mack and working into them.. and then projecting those images. I think how successful they are depends on the finished product, whether its the finished painting or the projected image.  I only see them as a series in the form of collages together, but when projected, I imagine them to be independent experiences. 

this week I plan on developing these collages, working more, i am waiting to hear back from a few people to further ideas and I want to start experimenting with projectors. 



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  1. Ok, so I did some projector research for you… which, normally, I’d be against because (really) you should do your own damn research- HOWEVER, I had no idea where to suggest you look. So, my ignorance is your gain (for once).

    Ok, This is what I found…

    You need at least 5,000 lumens with an ideal 12,000 lumens. A 12,000 lumen projector weighs 80lbs, cost between 80,000 to 100,000 bucks and costs $2000 to rent per day- which is crazy! OR buy a 48watt 12,000 lumen LED street lightbulb from India for $9,000. OR buy a 250 watt Mercury Vapor HID light bulb for a mere $11.64.

    I suggest the 12 buck Mercury Vapor lighbulb, no? So, you’ll need to find a fixture to put it in, a way to print out your image on transparency or glass, and a way to attach it in front of the light… oh, and find a portable generator that can power 250Watts.

    Don’t let all of this discurage you- it is quite simple to construct; but you should focus on the tech stuff now so you can get that grant money. Then you can worry about obtaining condemed building access in Detroit: )

    Deep breath…


    P.s. The lightbulb in question seems to take a pretty run-of-the-mill socket. So, I’d suggest getting a variety of lumens to see how much light and power you really need. You can try some out in the lighting store in Ann Arbor (I’ll tell you where it is in class) or find a bunch here:

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