this weeks collages





One response to “this weeks collages

  1. Chelsea,
    I am wondering where your weekly blog post is?
    It’s great to see your current work, but I also need to see how you are using your time, what you’ve discovered and where you’re headed next. I know you not naturally drawn to writing these kinds of things out, but being able to pause, reflect, and verbalize what you see are critical skills for you to develop — not just requirements to satisfy your teachers.

    Looking at the work, I have some basic questions:
    Are all of the images you’re using your own?
    Do any of these strike you as more successful than others? If so, why?
    Do you have the photoshop skills to make more subtle edges when the time comes to refine?
    Do you imagine these images working in a series, or is each a stand alone experience?

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