re-imagining space

this is my proposal in progress.

I intend to explore the concept of time, space and reality and our relationship with it. It’s about taking spaces we know and have been conditioned to understand and probing what they mean to us, how they restrict us, and what role they play in our lives. My idea is about re-imagining our spaces, pushing the boundaries that we believe to be concrete, whether they are physical or universal boundaries.  

There are many artists that have worked with surreal landscapes. Chloe Early and Marcus Jensen work with societal/political issues of today, and portray them in paintings of surreal land and cityscapes.  Jenny Holzer has worked with projection onto buildings and Scott Hocking has done much work with found objects and buildings in the city of Detroit.

I believe the physical has become a representation of our thoughts, forgetting our possibilities. So many of us have been conditioned to accept our surroundings as the rule, as the end all, as the concrete, and as the limit. I think my project will shake the senses; it will invite people to wonder their potential and question their boundaries, physical and mental. I think this is priceless to the future of our lives and consciousness.

I plan on realizing this project through handmade collage/photographs/paintings and projecting them onto buildings in Ann Arbor and Detroit, then documenting them through photographs. I want to use everything from important institutional buildings to old but beautiful abandoned buildings, making the buildings of our cities my canvas.  My reach would be to actually build these towns of infinite possibilities…


2 responses to “re-imagining space

  1. Hi Chelsea,
    You have a fluid process of exploration and experimentation. Keep going–

    You’ve moved through multiple ideas and interests, and along the way, various artists of possible interest have occured to me.

    Louise Bourgeois (Sculptor/painter who has worked intensively with her dreams. I believe she is almost 100 now and still working!)

    Barbel Rotthaar:
    (An old friend of mine. I thought you might be interested to see layering of imagery in her encaustic paintings.)

    Kiki Smith:

    I’ve also wondered if you might be interested in the paintings of Anselm Kiefer or the paintings/drawings of Francesco Clemente.

    And do you know Krzysztof Wodiczko? (Extraordinary large scale projections on buildings.)

    Also, have you worked with A&D faculty member Cynthia Pachikara? She might be an excellent resource about exterior projection work.

    Look forward to talking in your studio–


  2. Chelsea,
    One last thing. Here’s a piece a friend and radio producer did this year in Detroit about Mark Covington and the Georgia Street Community Collective in Detroit….and an inspiring re-imagining of community space.


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