friday post

I have a new idea that i think is more challenging and exciting. I spent the last week doing a lot of research on what it was that i was trying to do. i kept making circles and getting lost in my ideas, i felt like there were things i wanted to make and ideas i had but i was having a hard time verbalizing them; and when i was able to get one point across there were a ton of issues/ideas that were left out. after lots of thinking and many drafts (and the influence of Jenny Holzer!) i decided that for my IP i will continue making my collages with images and words, creating spaces with engaging perspectives and then projecting them onto buildings in Ann Arbor and Detroit, and then photographing them as a record.  I think the idea of taking a building and changing its facade is a very interesting concept, because it asks the viewer to question its space time and reality. it invites the viewer to imagine different possibilities, where something that we see as so concrete stands. 

what: temporarily transforming a public space, (a building, a wall) into a space of the unknown and infinite possibilities. 

why: to give viewers a moment to pause and question their reality, to invite them to question the rules and boundaries by which we choose to live our lives, money, religion, societal pressures etc.



One response to “friday post

  1. Chelsea,
    This is an interesting idea. What about projecting these artworks onto buildings intrigues you? With the work of Jenny Holzer, she would choose specific buildings for their significance, locale or by commission. Depending on where you are, you may have to ask permission to project your images. You would also have to take a lot of technical things like lighting (sunlight, streetlamps, etc) or electricity for the projector into account. For instance, most of the mock-ups that you created would not actually work.

    What sort of message would these projections convey? Would the artworks themselves be created in response to the specific architecture as if to alter the individual buildings? Why not paint on a building itself?


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