another step.

i just talked to Emir. 

i explained that the writing in my work first came in farsi because i have always thought persian writing was beautiful.  i dont know how to read or write but i copied a poem of hafez’s into a collage i was doing.  and from there went into using it to tell the story of the prisoners i was working with in english and from there into hafez and rumi’s ideas in english. and thats where i am. only now i see these teachings in many disciplines, yesterday i attended a lecture that briefly went over the wavelengths of light (gamma rays, infarred radiation, radio waves etc.). and they started to use the same terminology that i was raised with, (frequency, vibration and energy) the only difference was that he was referring to light and i was thinking of people. but maybe its all the same. 

and then i was shocked. the professor was explaining Black Body/ Planck Radiation and after explaining a little, asked us “How do you know if you have an object that emits/radiates as efficiently as any object can?” i was thinking there was going to be a very complicated equation to answer the question but then he said, “the perfect radiator has a perfect absorber!” so basically we are all emitting and absorbing energy from each other.  (just like two hands being held up to each other will feel the others heat energy – because humans are at 3,000 K).  and everything around us has an energy level that it emits. how conscious are we of what we are creating and what we are surrounding ourselves with? 


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