chaos of thought.

what did Endi say today. 


he said that words have meaning when they are separate from an image and another meaning when they are next to an image.  

he said that words that are written on bricks may be taken more heavily (or whatever the meaning of the bricks) because they are written on them, the words may become easier to read because they are organized and structured by the graph that the bricks make and so on… and all these decisions need to be conscious decisions that the artist is making because it will then read differently to the viewer. 


so on my way home i started reading my economist and i started to get nauseous because it was all about killings and bribes and war and punishment and corruption.  i read something else till i got home and then my roommates put on gossip girl and i had to go to my room because i was feeling so repulsed by the characters and the drama, and the ego that drives it all. so i went to my room and did some things on my to do list and researched some artists and tried to pay close attention to artists who included words in their pieces and what i thought those word meant and it was never clear. so how much of it is conscious?  it may all have been but its not super clear to the viewer (which is fine).  but as i was going to sleep last night i was thinking of all the conscious decisions we make and how they effect us subconsciously. does reading about all the hatred in the world make us more able and willing to hate? does it make is easier and more instinctual? 


why dont we consciously take the appropriate steps to keep ourselves at higher vibrations?  


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