friday post.

hi . i think its hard to write this all out because im not sure what it is exactly im saying or how to say it or if its what i want to say. but here we go.  starting this new big project, that will run the course of this year, I want to make work that once in the world will emit a feeling of happiness. period. i think 🙂

this past week has been a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas that has left me trying to set a specific simplified process to explore what has become a convoluted idea. the idea being sending positive messages into the world and if the written word has an effect on its surroundings. and through a methodical process we will be able to see later what was happening all along. 

this weekend i will be working on small scale drawings/collages of dreams ive had as a small project to test myself. including the written story and the images ive seen.  (i know this isn’t connected to what i wrote above but its all about ‘doing’/exploring now)


One response to “friday post.

  1. The words may come after the work, but while you’re working, or sleeping, or cooking dinner…, try to better understand what you mean when you say “happiness.” Is it the quiet contentment kind? The deliriously celebratory kind? “Happiness” as a word feels a little too vague / cliche to have much meaning.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make. Hoping you enjoyed the making.

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