the contemporary art world in Buenos Aires is amazing.. i cant wait to do some serious gallery walking and research.. the couple names ive picked up (that i love) are.. Vergottini, Marina Marchesotti, Javier Cerrera.. ill update more as soon as i find them 🙂

this is marina marchesotti:



7 responses to “artinba

  1. Lover of Artinba

    OMG! Javier Cerrera. LOVE HIM!

  2. would love to know who this artist is and how to get in touch.
    also searching for an artist named gonzalo papantonakis,
    where does he work ;how to contact him is there any work on paper?
    Email me/

    • hi david, Gonzalo’s website is his contact info is there too (sorry i left BA and dont have that information anymore)

      • emailed Gonzalo awaiting his reply.
        thanks for the information.
        still trying to find Marina Marchesotti so I can see more of her work…Probably will be in BA in the spring so if there is a gallery that shows her work would go see

  3. still trying to find Marina Marchesotti and view more of her work.
    if anyone knows how to contact her let me know

  4. looking to contact Marina Marchotti…anyone know what she is doing or what new work looks like? gallery representing her?

  5. when you get to Buenos Aires, in Recoleta there is an Art & Design center next to the Recoleta cemetery, there is an art gallery there (right before the strip of restaurants) that should have her information.

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