must know.

everyone must know about Gonzalo Papantonakis. Originally from Uruguay papantonakis has travelled the wold and now resides in los angeles, with a home in argentina.  His work mixes images and words, but takes it to a new level attempting to show the viewer the music. he has taken his two great loves, music and art, and is successfully  “incorporating music into a visual medium”.  he has had quite the number of shows in New York and Argentina… the first time i saw his work in person was at gallery nine 5 in Soho.  the canvases are large, demanding your attention and hold your interest with the skillful layering, color, words partially seen and use of line.  he is an inspiration. 

Gonzalo Papantonakis

see more of his work at

further reading at trigger magazine:


One response to “must know.

  1. Thanks for your blog but I.m originally from Uruguay and living in Los Angeles .
    Thanks again and happy holidays.


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