howard tangye.

looks like weve found a little bit more of our mystery man.. a professor at central st martins school of art and design his profile reads:

Howard Tangye

Research Interests

Drawings, paintings and mixed media work for fashion design and exhibition. Also produces drawings and paintings for print as part of Handwritten Message collective

Current Research

My professional practice for the past year has been to:-

1) Initiate the start up of a collective called Handwritten Message with two other artist/designers.

2) I have also had four public showings of my drawing and paintings

Recent Research

2002: ‘Autograph’, Artefact, Marks and Spencer
2002: ‘Handwritten Message Collection’, Artefact
2002: ‘Museum in the Making’, Artefact, The Lethaby Gallery, London
2002: ‘Sam Pease of the Corporate Connoisseurs, London’, Artefact, , Corporate Connoisseurs, London 
2002: ‘Vayage London’, Artefact
2001: ‘Chase’, Artefact, Royal College of Art, London
2001: ‘Exhibition of Drawings’, Artefact, Germany
2001: ‘Exhibition of Drawings’, Artefact, London
2001: ‘Exhibition of drawings’, Artefact, London
2001: ‘Exhibition of drawings and paintings’, Artefact, , Japan 


One response to “howard tangye.

  1. I am so impressed with your art that I just can’t wait for your next
    exibition in NY in November to meet you!
    Thank you

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