exploring how words work as images.


One response to “words.

  1. This exploration reminds me how accustomed I’ve become to “reading” words for their cognitive function without significantly considering the shape, texture, & other physical attributes of the object whose medium is words or alphabet. The substance of the word ceases to be important, and mat not even be noticed. And without that notice, meaningful consideration of the object and its interaction in/with the viewing environment isn’t likely to occur either.

    The environment in this exploration is one in which there is elongation of line, more likely indications of movement,velocities extending some of the lines. It is a location that perhaps has a relationship to what is considered reflection in our shared physical reality though this language block seems the primary object and not the reflected object in an absence of proof of reflection. I get a sense of bark, a tree trunk writing itself into space. I resist rotating the language block so as to have a “correct” orientation of words for the purpose of reading and comprehension of the meanings of the words without regard to the physical presence. I am allowing for sensory responses and sensory meanings that do not derive from reading comprehension as that is usually defined

    –too bad I’m using words in just the way I’m avoiding in order to comment on the avoidance.

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