the start

how much do we see? how much of what is in front of us to we absorb? how much do we walk past without noticing? what do we see in our peripheral vision compared to how much do we see? how much do we hear compared to how much we listen to? im going to go ahead and assume that it is a lot. a whole lot. unless our eyes are closed and we are wearing noise canceling earphones we are being bombarded with information. words, sounds, colors, lights, images, voices and the like. so. so there it is. so there really isn’t much that we can do about it. except maybe make an effort to control what we see. control what we bring into our realms of reality. if i create my own reality, and i dont see a car accident, does it exist in my world? most would say yes. how could i be such a fool. just because you dont see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. but wait. what is reality? everything real. well what is real? as an adjective and/or noun it can be said to be the following by wikipedia


real (comparative realer or more real, superlative realest or most real)

  1. That can be characterized as a confirmation of truth. (who confirms the truth?)
  2. That has physical existence. (science claims everything to be made of matter, we cant touch air.)


reality (plural realities)

  1. The entirety of all that is real. (well thats silly)
  2. The state of being actual or real 
  3. Each individual’s own subjective perception of that which is real.  (so theres no one answer)

maybe reality is different for every individual. 


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